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FIC: If I Lose Myself - one-shot
Requested by 2x anonymous
Pairing: Rose/Dimitri
Rating: M for sexual contents

Description: Rose and Dimitri steal some moments before heading to work. Cute at the beggining then it gets smutty. (doesn’t it always though, in my fics). It might contain minor spoilers of Last Sacrifice.

A/N: I don’t really care if nobody reads this I had to much fun writing it. I think about how their life at Court must be a lot, too much. So here you go, enjoy some romitri fluff/smut and if you liked it let me know.

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Ah, Belikov. I’d been hoping we’d run into each other. I’d really like to get to know you better. Maybe we can set aside some time to talk, learn more about life, love, et cetera. Do you like to hunt? You seem like a hunting man. That’s what we should do sometime. I know a great spot in the woods. Far, far away. We could make a day of it. I’ve certainly got a lot of questions I’d like to ask you. A lot of things I’d like to tell you too. By Last Sacrifice, Richelle Mead (via jinxthenightfavortheday)